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Monday, May 13, 2013

Watching Paint Dry

I've been painting recently.

Samples, to be exact.  For our kitchen wall.  On our kitchen wall.  On three different parts.  You know, to check them out in different lighting.

Three different colors.  Havana Cream, Banana Cream, and Hawthorne Yellow. 

They're all basically shades of yellow.  I can't tell the difference between Havana and Banana; I just know the latter has a better name.  Actually, it might be more cream than yellow.

Hawthorne Yellow looks like the yellow of our adjoining family room.  Pretty much.  Almost.  I can't quite say for sure, 'cause I'm still just working with samples.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  Or neither.

I think I like the Hawthorne best.  Maybe.  Sometimes I still like that Banana Havana.  Except when it looks a bit washed out.  But only on one wall, mostly.  Hard to say.

I keep telling myself: it's paint.  There's not really a right or wrong answer here.  Just pick one.

I like yellow in kitchens.  I think they look cheery.  Plus, I can pretend I'm at Panera Bread or something.  Minus someone serving me drinks and sandwiches.  I'd say I can pretend I'm at Starbucks, but they seem to be going green subway tile these days.

My favorite color is blue, by the way.  Sky blue.  I like the color the sky. 

Favorite colors are very important to children. 

My son is very confused as to why I am not painting the kitchen blue.  Or turquoise.  (I did paint the laundry room a light blue.  Okay, technically, my husband painted it.)  I spend a lot of time in the laundry room.

I understand my son's confusion.  Why would I not pick my favorite color for our kitchen?  Or, for that matter, everything?  Shoes, cars, clothes...the exterior of houses...maybe only eat foods that are my favorite color?  (All I can think of is blueberries and candy, so I bet I'd be malnourished.)

He wants the kitchen to be about 10 million different colors, all bright and fun.

Maybe this would be called Acid Trip Everything.

I'll pick some yellow.  Havana or Banana or Hawthorne. 

Maybe adults are just really boring.

Update: I've bought a gallon of Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow.  I've edged out the kitchen (quite nicely, if I might add!)  I'm still driving myself crazy: Is it looking a rich, funky café golden yellow...or is it too mustard-y?  I like it now--now I'm not sure.  Is it the light?  Am I looking at it too hard?  Will I have a better idea when I'm done?  I thought "color consultant" was some made-up, b.s. type of job.  Now I'm not so sure.  I may be both boring and insane. 

I know...you're dying for a photo:)


  1. l feel your pain. We have HC-26 fromBenjamin Moore painted on 4 different rooms in the house. We are trying to figure out if it blends well in transition with the other colors. Like a bathroom. Where I will just be doing the business. Also does HC-26 have too much grey and not enough warmth? Does it match the granite in the kitchen. Damn granite, it is such a conundrum. There has to be at least 23 colors in that damn stuff. Forget it. My head hurts. Maybe it is because I am blue purple insensitive accorkding to this interent color test I took. And my wife. Maybe and I should just eat something or use the bathroom. Those decisions are hard enough.

  2. Okay, I'm done, and...well...I'm done. I should not be a color consultant. Sometimes it looks great, except when I stand and look at it next to my family room, which is Sherwin Williams blonde...then it looks greenish, like a little bit highlighter-y. I'm asking myself: Why didn't you go back to that Sherwin Williams strip to choose colors? From other angles, like when I walk in from the garage, I'm okay with it. Maybe in a few years, I'll repaint both rooms white, and find out there are 20 shades of white, and some are too white, while others are like dirty snow. I think I need to look at it after I've had a glass of wine. Good luck with your BM HC-26.