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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Panic

Over at Soul Searching at Starbucks, Pam writes about having that great blog post in your head, but never getting it down.  Oh, I'm so with you!  As much as I love my kitchen sink (and I do; I seriously try to sell it to anyone considering a remodel), it is short a keyboard, which would be useful as I swear I write great blog posts (and other things) in my head while doing dishes.  Or emptying the dishwasher.   Both of which seem to happen a lot.

The school year has rounded up, and so Debbie here should be busy doing the ol' parenting thing, and it would seem that I should have somehow been super-woman of all things for the past few weeks, what with those final weeks of "FREEDOM!"  (Queue final scene of Braveheart...such a good movie, so why did Mel Gibson have to go so wacko?)  I had signed up for an online course in using Wordpress (a different blogging and website platform than this one), hoping to learn some technical things in my free time, and yet I've constantly been finding myself a lesson or two behind.  How could that be happening?  Working out seems to have taken a back seat, although now I remember I did sneak in a visit to my old college water-skiing buddy, and I'm happy to say that I can still ski.  And I believe I've cut my ginormous lawn a few times as to free up hubby's time to spread 15 yards of mulch.  Fun fun!  Who needs to work out, anyhow?  A couple "to do" lists laying around the house seem sufficient evidence that I've been up to something, the number of times I've showed up in my daughter's classroom DVD movie is telling, and I've got a sunburn on my chest for some reason or other.  In other words, I guess I've been busy, but the classic things I recall doing during some posh, kids-at-school lifestyle seem to be over.  Write? Work out?  Have dinner prepped by noon?  I'd laugh if I wasn't already tired.

I was excited for summer to be starting about two weeks ago, yet now that it's started, I'm suddenly already tired and wary. OMG, what if I can't do this parenting stuff anymore?  What will I do when they say "I'm bored?"  Do I really have to worry about "brain drain", or the gravitational pull kindles seem to have on my children?  What will I feed them when they are constantly hungry, and how do I grocery shop un-solo?  I forget.  And while the Country Bunny with the little gold shoes managed to convince her offspring to keep the house spic-and-span, I might need to wife-swap with that rabbit if I ever want to see neat-ness again.  I know, I know, the Daring Greatly book would say I'm foreboding joy or something, my mother would say to make a chart, and a good friend would mix me a drink and tell me to chill, dude, it's summer.

I'm circling choice "C", thank you very much.

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  1. I remember summers as the time I had to scramble for day-long child-care - what a pain that was. Fortunately, I worked part-time, three days a week, so I had a couple of do-nothing type days where the kids could be as lazy as they wanted to be. UNfortunately, I often spent that time cleaning. I guess I was joyless.