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Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Promoting Something for a Friend--Check it Out!

My friend Jennifer--who is not a blogger, but should be--has requested my help in promoting something.  Poor dear...apparently she believes my reach is much stronger than it is, as she asked me to "maybe post something on your blog."  I guess that means I'll have to shamelessly promote this blog, or at least this post.  Come Facebook, come Twitter, come MySpace, come Vine.  Come Pinterest, come Instagram, come Digg, come Slyme.

I made that last one up.  I think.

And I'll probably just email this link and see what happens.

Onto the promotion:

This year marks the fifth year of the Kids4Kids Sale at Schroeder (our children's school.)  What's that, you ask?  Well, mostly know this:

It's your opportunity to get rid of the crap in your house just before you get more crap during the holidays, and then all the OCD people of the world tell us January is "national get organized month" just as all we ADD people are wading through piles of crap and thinking, "Geez, get me while I'm down, won't you?"

I know, Jen, you were hoping I'd say something along these lines:

Schroeder is working with an organization called buildOn, a fabulous non- 
profit that teaches kids they can make powerful, positive changes in the world by building schools in  
developing countries.  300 schools have already been built!   Schroeder  
Elementary is working with the International Academy and the high school students from IA will actually help with the physical labor of building the school, along with the people of the  
village where it is getting built.  Schroeder students help all this through our Kids4Kids rummage sale, which allows our children to feel empowered, recognize how contributing to a larger group can make powerful change, and even do some recycling.  Yay rah rah!

Me?  I'm just thinking:
Kids4Kids sale=GET RID OF CRAP IN HOUSE.  The whole building a school thing is a nice bonus, though.  Yay rah rah.

It's fitting that Jennifer contacted me about this, seeing as just this weekend I ventured into our basement sober.  You see, whenever the school year starts, I get all Martha-Stewart-y in my mind, and picture myself organizing my home into Pinterest worthy perfection.  This never happens, because I'm marginally ADD, and when I look at piles of crap, my head locks up, and I think something along the lines of "f--- it", and then go for a walk or mow the lawn or something.  (See, I can still get something done and call myself productive.)

This year, so as to not set myself up for failure, I decide I wouldn't even think about our basement.  Nope, not at all.  Not thinking.

But this weekend I walked down there.  Eyes open.  AGH!

Full disclosure: I still haven't made much of a dent.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that my children will suddenly attach themselves fervently to old toys that they never play with.  (This is another reason the basement never gets cleared away.  I lack the balls to just chuck stuff when the kids aren't looking.  I can only presume all those organized, neat-freak moms have been toy sabotaging since day one.)  But I do have a few things that my son, at least this past weekend, said he doesn't play with anymore.  These are set out on our Ping-Pong table, which, of course, is pretty much never used for ping-pong as it's typically covered with crap.  What? Isn't yours?

I'm hoping that knowing about this upcoming sale--and agreeing to help promote it in some form--will inspire me to bribe and force my children to get rid of stupid crap create positive feng-shui in my basement, while showing my children ways to recycle and help underprivileged communities build schools. 

Want to know more?  I'll try to keep you posted, here or on Facebook, or on the Kids4Kids facebook page.

Now get busy cleaning your basements!  For cryin' out loud, the holidays are coming up! get busy saving the world, and let the surrounding neighborhoods know about our awesome sale, which will be Thursday, November 21st, from 4:05 to 6 pm in the Schroeder Elementary cafeteria. 


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