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Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Blogs (and blogging) Freaks Me Out

Okay, since I just professed my love for reading blogs, I've decided to take a look at the flip side: why blogs freak me out a bit.  This will likely be shorter.

1.  I feel like I'm stalking someone.
I mean, isn't it weird to feel like you "know" someone simply because you read their blog?  Why am I reading stuff about someone I don't even (technically) know.  That's just weird.  Right?  Except that I know tons of people must do it--that or some bloggers have a lot of friends.  Like 100's, based on comments. 

Conversely, reading a book never feels weird of freaky or stalky.  Even if it's a really personal memoir.  Go figure.

(I think--and perhaps this is obvious--it's the fact that you can't do all that commenting stuff.)

2.  I feel like I'm wasting time.
Probably because I am.  But I swear I'll only check it out really quickly!

3.  What if I become some weird, out of touch with reality person?  You know, because I'm ignoring real people while I check out what someone else is making their family for dinner.

...that's on the reading side.  From the writing angle:

1.  Umm...why am I letting complete strangers know things about me?  Seriously, I'm kind of private. 

2.  What if I sound like a twit?

3.  Self-promotion is weird and uncomfy.  I'd love for someone to actually read and comment and--gasp!--follow, but, see point "2" above.

4.  What if someone starts stalking me?  That's why I'm totally on board with people who never name their husbands, children, or pets by name.  I also try to refrain from mentioning these things:  my longitude and latitude, references to eating carbs (just in case I live in the last state which still does this), where anyone in my family works (or doesn't), the weather, political ongoings, non-chain restaurants, my mother's maiden name, the name of my first pet, my porn star name, my first car, my car I drive right now, or any sort of trendy exercises I may do.  You know, if I happen to exercise at all.

Wait, did I totally give it away with that carbs thing?  Hmm...maybe I don't eat carbs.  A little mystery is a good thing.


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