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Hi, I'm Debbie. Sometimes, people like ask me what I do. Good question. I'm not always sure how to answer it myself! I'm hoping this blog helps me answer that question, or is at least fun to read along the way.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Lazy Song

It looks like I'm relaunching my blogging efforts: I've recruited a reader.  I think.  After shoving this blog-thing aside sometime back in January, when life was about to divert me in other ways (or, possibly, I just got lazy), I decided to mention this to some live human beings.  Enter Pam, over from Soul Searching at Starbucks.  She's written "you could start a blog" a few times in the margins of essays we submit back-and-forth in a little writers' group, acknowledging that the local-get-your-essay-in-print market is lookin' a little dry these days.  (Or, again, maybe I'm just lazy.)

Speaking of lazy, that's how I feel today.  Monday is typically a highly motivating day for me (yes, I know it's now Wednesday...yo, actually posting is hard, dog!) I scoot the kiddos off to school, and with the home alone, I get to business.  I work out; I prep meals; I grocery shop; I launder and clean; I do spy-espionage toy bagging; I clear out cupboards and drawers of mystery goods!  Oh, I'm such a sparkly good domestic goddess on Mondays!

Or that's the plan.

Something usually knocks me off this plan, like a surprise visit from my mom, who brings me a new bedspread and valance and says "let's put it up now!" and then makes some comment about how I need to "insist" my tall husband scrunch the high-up valance just-so, because "that's what makes a house homey."  Right-O.  'Cause I thought is was having some clean laundry and clearing the floor of Legos. 

Rather than blame my mom (although this is entirely what people of my generation do, for cryin' out loud!), I should admit that I am either too ambitious on Mondays, or too drawn to fun distractions like internet surfing and slow-pokey grocery shopping.  To be fair, I think I was this way in the actual paid work force; I remember writing a crisp to-do list on Mondays, thinking I'd knock through it in one day, only to scratch off one or two things by 5 o'clock.  By Friday, I'd often adopted a f___ it attitude.

Today, I seem to have adopted it early.  I mean, I feel like I now have one reader to take care of!  So of course I'm leaving the groceries just hanging-out on the kitchen counter.  (Except for the perishable ones; I'm lazy, not crazy!)

I'll make a real "to-do" list tomorrow. 

And then I'll probably ignore it.


  1. Great first, well, not your first, but your first after taking some time off from blogging, post. I apologize for encouraging you to wallow in this time-wasting endeavor, wondering, does ANYONE read my blog? - but some day you'll thank me!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I hear that my commenting section is not user friendly, so I might have to work on that. Maintaining anything on here might be the bigger challenge. Meanwhile, congrats for being a blogging genius who has figured out how to comment!

      p.s. I'm Betty White over at your blog...but you've probably figured that out by now.

  2. Now you have two readers ... twice the responsibility! Glad to read your stuff any time; hope you enjoy writing it, too!

  3. Lisa,
    Thanks! The word "responsibility" just makes me think of Budweiser. Drink responsibly, or something...thanks for stopping by!